How Long Are The Effects Of The TMS Therapy Going To Last?

Sometimes we suffer from anxiety and depression, and in that case, TMS (Transracial Magnetic Stimulation) will be an effective therapy to alleviate our conditions. It is not possible to know the exact cause of our depressive disorders at present. However, studies have revealed that there are some low activity areas within our brains that can result in depression.

The primary intention of TMS therapy will be to reset the brain by stimulating those low-activity areas. People are so tensed and worked up in their daily life that this therapy is what they are in need of. There are minimum side effects noticed for it and hence is highly popular among people with anxiety.

What Is The Process Of TMS (Transracial Magnetic Stimulation)?

During this treatment, the physician will place a small electromagnetic coil onto the head of the patient. In this way, the nerve cells will be stimulated by the delivery of magnetic pulses to a particular region of the brain. The strength of these magnetic pulses is similar to those employed in typical MRI equipment. This process is absolutely safe as well as painless apart from being drug-free.

The length of every treatment session will be between 30 and 40 minutes, and one has to perform them at least five times every week for 5 to 6 weeks. After only a few sessions, some patients start experiencing positive changes in their disposition. However, we like to mention here that completing the entire treatment process as suggested by the TMS therapy specialist will be the most effective way to get the desired results.

When Does This Treatment Process To Start Working?

As a matter of fact, the younger generation will be experiencing the benefits quicker as compared to the older individuals. Individuals using anti-depressants might be experiencing the benefits within a short span of time as compared to those who are not.

It is not possible for everybody to make use of anti-depressants and it will be a good idea to take the advice of your physician beforehand. It is a fact that the effects of TMS therapy will be different for different individuals just like other types of treatments.

Make it a point to have your patience and stick to the plans of the healthcare providers for getting the best results. According to one particular study, this treatment proved to be effective for approximately 60% of the patients suffering from depression. Plenty of research is still being performed on this particular subject these days.

TMS therapy

How Long Will The Effects Of TMS Last?

While some patients might experience complete remission from their symptoms after being provided with TMS treatment, others have experienced a reduction in the symptoms only. However, the majority of the patients will get the desired results within one year following the treatment. While lots of patients have observed an improvement in their condition in the long term, some have even experienced a permanent improvement.

Some patients might prefer undergoing the second cycle of TMS therapy if prescribed by their physician. As mentioned earlier, scientists are making plenty of research to evaluate the long-term effects of this therapy.

In case any person suffers from depressive disorders or other similar health conditions his quality of life can be degraded to a great extent. While some individuals will be experiencing the benefits of this treatment after several weeks, others will feel the benefits within an initial couple of weeks only.

The results that one will get from a TMS therapy will vary from one individual to another. However, TMS treatment will help those people struggling with mental disorders to lead a decent lifestyle.



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