Key Things to Know About Industrial Tents

Industrial Tents – Businesses will sometimes need extra space for their operations at short notice/ When this happens, they will need to look at different options. One of the best just might be a temporary building such as an industrial tent.

The beauty of temporary structures is that they satisfy the same needs as permanent structures but are more affordable and quicker to install thus solving urgent space needs quickly.

What are industrial tents?

The leading manufacturers of temporary structures provide different building options. One of these types is industrial tents. These structures derive their name from their use of a PVC cover as the roof which makes them suitable to be installed on almost any kind of ground surface (just like a tent) and do not need any kind of special pre-prepared base.

And the fact that the structure can be set up in a short time (and be dismantled anytime) without any damage makes industrial tents a great investment for any business.

What are some of the uses of industrial tents?

Because of the many benefits that these structures offer businesses, there are several ways in which companies and individuals can utilise them, including:

Warehousing or storage space:

Almost every business needs storage space for its inputs and finished products if it is in production or manufacturing, or for their equipment and machines for all kinds of businesses. Some machines and equipment like harvesters, motor vehicles and others are so big that building permanent structures for them may be costly. Such can be kept under the cover of industrial tents.

Moreover, retail businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organisations can use industrial tents to store their stocks of food, and other merchandise. The structures are made to be resistant to various weather elements like rain, sunshine and others.

Selling and display areas:

Retail businesses and other ventures like vehicle dealers can use industrial tents for their sales areas where they display their items for customers to buy. The tents allow free movement of customers and offer large areas to showcase the items because they can be made in form of clear span buildings. Such buildings have no internal pillars and only perimeter pillars and frames for roofs over which PVC is spread.

Events hosting space:

Given that industrial tents are large buildings and allow free movement inside them, they offer excellent space to host people. Companies can use them during their open days, shareholders’ meetings, and even trade shows and exhibitions.

Businesses in the food and beverage industry such as restaurants can also use them as dining areas. Also, institutions such as schools can use them as meeting areas and dining spaces, especially during events. The good news is that businesses can either buy or hire temporary buildings from Smart-Space, the leading temporary buildings provider in the UK.

What are the benefits of industrial tents?

Below are some of the advantages of industrial tents:

They are cost-effective:

For a fraction of the amount of money needed to construct a permanent building, users can buy industrial tents and meet the same needs. And if the company only needs the tents for a few days or weeks, they can simply hire them, thus avoiding committing too much money.

They are quick to install:

The providers deliver PVC cladding and the steel frame to the site where needed and the industrial tents are assembled in a short time. This saves time that would otherwise take to construct permanent buildings. It also provides space when urgently needed, for example, during peak season when there is a need for more production to meet extra demand.

Industrial tents are relocatable:

Some businesses, like building contractors, need to move their operations from one place to another. Such companies can benefit from tents because they can move them to various locations without any issues.


Industrial tents are affordable and convenient space solutions because they are fast to construct. They also have many applications including warehouses, selling areas, and hosting events.



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