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Five Sure-fire Ways to Promote Your Paint Night Party Online

Paint Night Party Online- If there was anything good that the frequent lockdowns brought, then it’s the way that it helped people discover new hobbies and skills to pass the time. It’s no surprise that one of these hobbies would be painting. With the help of social media, learning how to paint has become easier and more accessible.

Everyone loves to be able to express themselves through art without being harshly judged by others. That is why paint parties have become fairly popular. It has become a safe space for those who are new to painting.

While paint parties are fun and rewarding to attendees, planning them is not an easy task especially now that competition is tight. That is why a clever marketing strategy is needed to make your paint party stand out to your targeted audience. 

Although distributing paint night flyers to spread the word can still be effective, it’s always a better idea to adopt more advanced marketing strategies too.

To start your plan right, here are five surefire ways to promote your paint night party online:

Utilize your social media accounts.

A recent study from Smart Insights concluded that 58.4% of the world’s population is using social media now. That is half of the world with their faces glued in front of a screen and scrolling through different sites. Your potential participants could be one of them.

Posting the details of your paint party on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram is easy, and it doesn’t waste a lot of time. You may choose to pay for an advertisement for a wider reach. But if you are on a tight budget, then asking your friends and close family members for help in promoting is fine as well.

You don’t have to copy and paste all the details of your paint night party from one site to another. In order to draw engagement, make your announcement unique. If you have Instagram, there are various Instagram post templates from online tools such as PosterMyWall that can give your party an impression of fun.

Maximize SEO and use top keywords in your event name.

Aren’t we all guilty of clicking the first few results that pop on our preferred search engine? You might have wondered how to put your brand or website on top of these search results. Well, this is what SEO does.

It is not a secret that most, if not all, businesses and events are using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO to help draw an audience in. SEO is a great marketing tool for making your website more visible in search engines like Google.

The main gist is that you have to use common keywords that people use when looking up things online. For example, since you are promoting your “paint night party”, you may use those three keywords more on your website. 

It also helps to mention your location often. Keywords such as “paint night party near [your location]” may help in boosting the audience traffic to your post or website.

Invite a budding local artist or a social media influencer who loves art.

It is always nice to have a special guest as they can help promote your paint night party online, especially if they have a number of fans or followers. If you opt to reach out to an influencer, make sure that what they do is related to art (we don’t want a mismatch of objectives, do we?) or you may invite your budding local artist for a more informative paint night party session.

Remember though that inviting a special guest is not free. When possible, you can propose an exchange of offer. That may mean giving them free tickets to your event and/or increasing their social media exposure in exchange for them to participate in your paint night party.

If it is your first time collaborating with someone, make sure that you know your objectives and have explained them clearly to your guest. Also, choose the ones that are the best fit for your paint night party. 

You may feel a bit intimidated in approaching them at first. However, most of them are pretty relaxed, especially artists. Always remember that this collaboration must be a win-win situation for you and your special guest.

Make sure your lines are always open.

First-time attendees may have questions about your paint night party, so you have to be available to answer them. Directly communicating with them is also a nice way to establish a solid relationship. Who knows? They may become loyal patrons in your future paint night parties that can also help spread the word about it to others.

However, answering multiple queries all at once may be overwhelming. For this, using a chatbot is smart as it can help in answering general questions. If they have other concerns that are not met in the general information, then that is the time that you will entertain them yourself.

Use ticketing or registration methods that are easy to use.

No matter how nice and interesting an event is, if it takes too much time and effort in registering and buying tickets, then it is not worth the hype. The attendees’ satisfaction is highly important in all pre, during, and post-events. 

So, make sure to use simple yet efficient registration methods. A great factor to consider is the user interface in smartphones since most people are glued to their mobile screens. 

Another factor that should be considered is the payment method. If you have wider payment channels, then it’s not going to deter people from buying tickets to your event.

Final Thoughts:

The increasing popularity of paint night parties has made it possible for the general public to connect with others who share an affinity with painting. Although these are fun, promoting them online can be a challenging task now that the market has become oversaturated with them. 

However, with meticulous planning and updated marketing strategies, your paint night party can be successful and rewarding, too.




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