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Different types of mattress that you need to know

A mattress refers to a piece of fabric inserted with material comfortable enough to be slept on, like cotton, foam, leather, springs, etc. Typically, you will see about five types of mattresses discussed: memory foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and occasionally an adjustable airbed.

Innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses are all springy and cool, but hybrids and latex beds supply better cushioning and pressure relief than innerspring beds. Foam mattresses provide outstanding pressure relief and motion isolation and tend to be less expensive than latex or hybrid beds. Innerspring beds are typically less expensive than latex or memory foam mattresses, as well as hybrid mattresses.

1.    Airbed

The adjustable air bed or water bed is the type of mattress that is rarely discussed. Airbed mattresses are versatile and can fit many sleeper types, especially couples that like varying levels of firmness.

2.    Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are designed to provide sleepers with both pressure-point relief from foam and bounce from spring-coil beds. Hybrid mattresses differ depending on what kind of foam is used in the comfort layers. Depending on the type of foam used, a mattress may feel either

  • Medium-soft
  • Medium
  • medium-firm
  • Firm

Hybrid mattresses have pockets of springs along with at least three inches of comfort foam, and latex-memory foam hybrids are the most common. Only specific types of mattresses are included, including latex, memory foam, gel, air, and some hybrid mattresses.

One of the newest types of mattresses is the hybrid, which combines a foam top layer with a coil or spring, giving you a punch on both sides of your body to relieve pressure and supply support. Because hybrid mattresses conform to your body more efficiently than spreaders, they are perfect for anyone who prefers the bounce provided by metal coils but also wants the pressure-relieving properties of foam.

In this category, tuft and needle mattresses are among the most popular option. You can even go for an impartial tuft-and-needle mattress evaluation to check for its comfort and find out the best option for yourself. Medium-firm mattresses are different from innerspring models because they are made with a more balanced feel.

3.   Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses

Commonly used in innerspring mattresses is pillowtop technology, which allows for increased comfort by adding several inches more padding to the top layers of your mattress. Pillow-tops can be used with any other type of mattress, including coil mattresses, foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and air mattresses.

Common examples include innerspring mattresses that have one layer of memory foam, ones that have several types of foam, latex mattresses that have a combination of both, and others. According to Consumer Reports, innerspring mattresses are the most popular, but trends are moving towards other types of beds, such as memory foam, adjustable, and air.

Innerspring mattresses feature steel-coil-supported bases with thin layers of comfort made from either foam, cotton, or wool. These beds have high sections of steel coils, which work better for people who want that traditional, old-school feel. An innerspring mattress has one coil layer surrounded by a comfort material (typically natural fiber, foam, or latex) on top and a supportive material layer on bottom.

Traditional innerspring mattresses have a continuous steel-coil support system (all coils are connected), and the top layer—pillow top or euro top—is made from materials like foam, cotton, wool, or down. The comfort layers can include the same materials found in foam mattresses; however, they may also incorporate micro-coils.

In a foam mattress, the support core is typically a thick polyfoam layer, which is denser and firmer than the polyfoams found in a comfort system, which is also composed of one or more layers holding polyfoam, latex, memory foam, or another fabric.

4.  Latex

Natural latex does not have the contouring properties of memory foam, making it a worthy choice for sleepers who want the pressure-relief benefits without wanting to sink too deeply in their mattress. Latex is also a naturally occurring material, so it can be a good match for environmentally conscious sleepers looking for an organic mattress. Most organic mattresses are made with latex because it is a naturally occurring material.

Latex is a completely natural choice for mattresses, made with sap from rubber trees. Depending on the type of latex used, there are several types of latex mattresses. It is the latex used to allow the latex mattresses to fit your body and help with spine alignment.

These aspects of a mattress’s performance may vary depending on what kind of latex is used and if it has been designed for a softer or firmer feel. How many negative aspects of foam mattresses come into play depends largely on the type and quality of materials used in your comfort system.

5.  Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Foam mattresses are generally prone to sleeping warm, particularly in warmer climates (innerspring and hybrid mattresses have coil units under the surface, which generate airflow; foam ones do not). Because foam traps heat, it may keep you warmer than other types of mattresses.

The overall benefits can vary depending on the gel type and surrounding design of your mattress; in most cases, though, using memory foam or polyfoam with gel-infused memory foam has few drawbacks. This mattress type has been popular ever since NASA invented memory foam, and it is widely available on the market.

This mattress type has air chambers inside its core, which can inflate or deflate to change how it feels on your bed.


Stomach sleepers are probably better off on an internal spring or hybrid mattress, which marries taller coil sections with a layer of either a pillow top or quilted top. Back sleepers and hybrids alike should enjoy the added support that hybrid mattresses offer, along with their rebounding and motion.

Tuft and Needle’s hybrid mattress designs incorporate support from innerspring coils as well as a comfort system, which both work in tandem to give you added support. We hope this blog has helped you gain insightful knowledge on selecting the right mattress that can provide you with comfort.



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