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Sweet And Airy Le Labo Noir 29

The aroma of Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier co is heavily influenced by black tea. As you breathe in the fragrant mixture of sweet and fresh air and the unique scent of tea, your senses are soothed while your alertness is maintained. It has a long-lasting effect with a heavy sillage and a strong perfume.

As a result of the mixture of tobacco, cedar wood, and hay, the scent of black tea leaves is similar to that of black tea wraps. You may include your fragrances in the shopping cart for free shipment for online purchases. You may get in touch with the Dossier team if you have any issues or need more help.

Smell Of Le Labo Noir 29 Dossier co:

Aromatic and woody best define this unisex scent by Le Labo. The different aromas of black tea inspired it. Aromatically, it has a woody and fresh spicy notes, with a touch of sweetness and fruity sweetness. When dried, the perfume is powdery and earthy, with a hint of tobacco.

This fragrance has upper notes of fig, bergamot, noble and bay leaves. It is an intensely fruity perfume, with a sweet and zesty flavour at the same time, figs and bergamot. The perfume of bay leaf has a green, leafy quality to it.

Middle sounds begin to emerge while the top notes fade away. Cedar, Musk, and Vetiver are among them. Because these elements are generally utilized in base notes, this is an unusual combination. The perfume of cedar is most often associated with natural parks because of its earthy, woodsy aroma.

Musk, on the other hand, has a pleasant and fragrant perfume, but the essence of vetiver is grassy. Anyone who smells vetiver will be hooked by its seductive aroma.

le labo noir 29

The base notes, which include Hay and Tobacco, come next. Despite its prevalence in the real world, hay is a unique component that is seldom employed in perfumery. An earthy, powdered, grassy fragrance permeates the air. Tobacco is a smell that most people associate with a smokey aroma that may lead to dependency.

The Le Labo Noir 29 is unusual in that, despite its name, it does not contain any black tea. In place of that, it depends on various herbal and earthy fragrances.

Longevity And Sillage:

Aside from the aroma, longevity is an essential determinant of perfume quality. As a general rule, perfumes with greater concentrations tend to linger longer. The aroma of Le Labo Noir 29 may linger up to eight hours. With a 15% to 20% concentration, it is excellent for long days and nights at work.

Sillage is a measure of how long a fragrance stays before dissipating in the atmosphere. A perfume that has a high sillage lasts longer and doesn’t settle down in the air. If your perfume has good sillage, you may expect to leave fragrant scent trails in your wake everywhere you go.

The sillage ranges from mild to intense while using the Le Labo Noir 29. As a result, the scent will remain in the air for a long time before dissipating.

The Best Time To Wear It:

If you’re wearing it at the incorrect moment, there’s no purpose in wearing a smell at all. In good news, the Le Labo Noir 29 is versatile enough to be worn throughout the day and in the evening. Scents during the day tend to be lighter and less intense. In addition, the saturation of night fragrances tends to be higher. On the other hand, Le Labo Noir 29’s aroma is a happy medium between the two.

Perfume may have a profound effect on you and others around you, depending on the season. Rather than being a summer perfume, Le Labo Noir 29 has more of a winter vibe. Because of this, it works best in autumn, winter, or spring. Because of this, it is not advisable to wear it during the hot months.

le labo noir 29


Is It Unisex?

All of Le Labo’s fragrances are unisex, which means they may be used by both men and women, depending on their personal preferences. As a result, they do not do animal testing for their goods.


The aroma of the Le Labo Noir 29 is strong. It’s near to tea’s essence because of the woody undertones and tobacco usage. Tea-flavoured scents are not meant to smell precisely like tea since it would be a turn off. On the other hand, an excellent tea perfume would include different aromas to enhance the experience.

With the addition of Musk, the Le Labo Noir 29 adds a touch of added sweetness to the blend. It lasts a long time in terms of sillage and durability. Men and women may both use the scent. The warm aroma makes it suitable for both autumn and winter.

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