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I Look Really Good Today. Promotions have a propensity for supporting melodies into earworm status, and the most recent iPhone 13 business demonstrates it. Apple is known for its educated, lovely to-the-eyes commercials that grandstand its program of famous contraptions. 

These promotions ordinarily portray a preview of what regular daily existence could resemble with the most recent Apple item close by while likewise raising up its most prominent elements, empowering fanatics of the brand who haven’t figured out how to secure the featured gadget yet to do as such. 

They likewise figure out how to present tunes they use as soundtracks into the standard, at times bringing about unexpected phenomena for the craftsmen behind them our look today is very beautifull.

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I Look Really Good Today. In the spot named “Doin’ Laps”, a youngster in his bike gear sets a red iPhone 13 on a telephone mount. As the youngster starts his morning process around the area, keeping the entire thing in video selfie mode through his iPhone’s camera, a snappy track starts playing with the verses “I look genuine great today” rehashing on a circle. 

The camera works out and cleverly uncovers that instead of cruising around a few distinct roads, the youngster on the bicycle is just — and suitably — doing laps around a parkway for seemingly hours. 

The business closes with the youngster still effectively recording a video on the iPhone 13 all the way into the night, with the trademark, “Looooooonger battery duration” embellished on top.

Why The New iPhone Commercial’s Soundtrack Is Sooooo Good:

iPhone Commercial's Soundtrack

I Look Really Good Today. The melody that might just be caught in the cerebrums of those who’ve seen the new Apple business is named “I Look Good” and it’s by rapper O.T. Genasis. Known best for the 2014 hit melody “CoCo”, O.T. 

Genasis loans an extraordinary expression for the people who appreciate exploiting the iPhone 13’s camera capacities. The tune — which originally caused web-based disturbances in 2019 — has a similarly amusing authority music video. Delivered in 2020, the video starts journal style, with the rapper looking exhausted on day 69 of isolation. O.T. 

Genasis’s Take on I Look Really Good Today :

Genasis answers his iPhone and apparently FaceTimes with a mate, who recommends shooting a video “to that tune,” to “be inventive” and do it without a camera group. The tune’s melodic guitar introduction starts, with a cartoony flag of the craftsman’s name, and the tune title seems mid-screen. O.T. 

Genesis then, at that point, takes the iPhone, focuses it on himself, and continues to show various pieces of his home while singing and moving to the wonderful taking care of oneself mantra the melody raises I look very a good many days.


I Look Really Good Today. The video additionally momentarily shows the craftsman’s TikTok page and quietly proposes that the actual video could have been shot on a real iPhone as well similarly as with other Apple items, similar to Photo Booth. 

The music video delivered by the rapper is profoundly appealing and may have the ability to energize individual pandemic lockdown tenants to shoot their own quarantine telephone video cuts. In any event, both the music video and Apple’s new iPhone 13 business are powerful and strong methods for focusing light on the device’s long battery duration as well as its camera quality.

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